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What is Mediation


Mediation offers the opportunity to come to solutions with your partner that are acceptable to both parties during a divorce. We can guide you through the legal and emotional process. We believe in the right communication, understanding, and collaboration between you, and for your children.

We assist in dividing assets, drafting a parenting plan, and arranging for child support. Additionally, we help you and your ex-partner, if desired, to pave the way for a new future by providing insight into your future income situation and even by assisting with mortgage arrangements.

What does Mediation cost


Receive a 45-minute complimentary consultation. Learn, free of charge, if mediation can help you through your divorce. We are happy to meet in a location of your choice

Divorce without children. Package price based on marriage with community property.

  • Includes 3 meetings 2 hours each maximum
  • Calculation of spousal support
  • Preparation of asset distribution/reconciliation statement
  • Primary residence
  • Pension
  • Settlement agreement
  • € 2,650.00

    Divorce with children. Package price based on marriage with community property.

  • Includes 4 meetings of 2 hours each maximum
  • Calculation of child and spousal support
  • Parenting plan
  • Preparation of asset distribution/reconciliation statement
  • Primary residence
  • Pension
  • Settlement agreement
  • € 3,280.00

    What does Mediation cost


    Price conditions:

  • All rates are inclusive of VAT for individuals
  • In case of divorce or dissolution of a registered partnership, additional costs for a lawyer for filing for divorce with the court and associated procedures will apply
  • You will also pay court fees and costs for extracts (dated and certified copy of the marriage certificate/registered partnership certificate and dated and certified extract from the birth register of minor children)
  • Extra options and surcharges:
  • Surcharge for prenuptial agreements: € 250.00
  • Surcharge for business: € 250.00
  • Surcharge for additional meetings: € 195.00 per hour
  • Lawyer costs incl. court fees: € 860.00
  • Costs for extracts: varies per municipality
  • Travel expenses: € 0.35 per km
  • Step-by-step Plan


    1. Initial Consultation:
    During the complimentary interview, we assess whether mediation is suitable for your situation and who is the appropriate mediator for your requirements. Naturally, you can also address any queries you have about the mediation process at this initial stage.

    2. Mediation Contract:
    The mediation contract outlines the guidelines governing the mediation process, including confidentiality, voluntary participation, and fees. Once all 3 parties involved, including the mediator, have mutually signed the mediation contract, the procedure commences.

    Step-by-step Plan


    3. Mediation Sessions:
    Throughout the sessions, both parties have ample opportunity to express their perspectives. Through multiple discussions, we gain insight into each party's viewpoint on matters, identify obstacles, and often achieve mutual understanding. Additionally, we explore pathways to progress.stage.

    4. Agreement Formation and Confirmation:
    Upon reaching agreements, we clarify the implications of your decisions. Subsequently, these agreements are documented in a settlement agreement. This document is signed by you to confirm your commitment to the agreed terms.



    Why mediation?

    Just like with insurance, you hope you never need it, but what peace of mind it brings when it's well arranged in advance.

    We believe that thinking ahead about your prenuptial agreement or cohabitation contract isn't just about dividing your assets and wealth, but rather about strengthening your relationship and building a shared future.

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